MLB’s Skenes to Newsmax: $100 Per Strikeout to Sinise Foundation

Pittsburgh Pirates rookie pitcher Paul Skenes, the standout who finished his second Major League Baseball game last week with 11 strikeouts, including six innings without a hit at Wrigley Field, is pitching for a cause beyond baseball stardom: the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Skenes, who was a cadet for two years at the U.S. Air Force Academy before transferring to Louisiana State University and becoming the first pick in last year’s MLB draft, met Sinese on Newsmax’s “National Report” to discuss Skenes’ plan to raise up to $100,000 for the actor’s veterans’ organization by donating $100 for every strikeout this season. 

Skenes initially attended the Air Force Academy, but transferred to LSU, despite loving the academy, so he could start his baseball career sooner rather than having to serve five years of active military duty first, reported USA Today.

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