Steve Cortes to Newsmax TV: Sudden Stop In Mail-In Vote Count ‘Suspicious’

Steve Cortes to Newsmax TV: Sudden Stop In Mail-In Vote Count ‘Suspicious’

Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes said Saturday that a sudden stop in mail-in ballots counting on election night was “incredibly suspicious” — particularly since it was followed by a “deluge” of votes for Joe Biden in key battleground states.

In an interview on Newsmax TV’s “The Count: 2020 Election Special,” Cortes, who was named to President Donald Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council, said either Biden had a “political perfect storm” or “there was fraud.”

“It’s incredibly suspicious the fact that counting stopped … in the middle of the night in all of these key states, and then suddenly there was an absolute deluge of these … almost exclusively pro-Biden ballots coming in,” he said.

He added also suspicious were “things  like the incredible turn out in exactly the places where Joe Biden needed it… but not in non-swing states.”

“When we combine all these factors together all of the statistical anomalies, plus the behavior of a lot of election officials on election night, I think it paints a picture with is really one of only two choices: Either Joe Biden had a political perfect storm… or — and I think this is the far more compelling case — they was chicanery going on here. And there was fraud.

“And there was fraud and we have to continue to audit the books and get to the bottom of this,” he said.

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