Mike Pompeo to Newsmax TV: Biden Must Condemn China’s Religious Persecution

Mike Pompeo to Newsmax TV: Biden Must Condemn China’s Religious Persecution

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lamented President Joe Biden’s remark regarding China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority at a townhall event last week, calling Biden’s characterization of “culturally . . . different norms” as “disheartening.”

Pompeo noted on Newsmax TV on Monday, even new Secretary of State Tony Blinken agreed with his determination China’s treatment of the Uighurs amounted to genocide, and Pompeo added the “historically abhorrent forced abortions, forced sterilizations . . . [were] truly tragic,” and not only on the Uighurs but all of the minorities across the country.

“When I saw the president make that statement the other night, it was disheartening to watch someone slough this off as just a change or difference in cultural norms,” Pompeo told “Spicer & Co.” “What’s happening here is the most fundamental violation of basic human rights. And the world has a responsibility to stand up to that, and the United States under President [Donald] Trump did that.”

Pompeo added the Biden administration’s attitudes toward religious and other forms of persecution will be noticeable in few key areas.

“I think you’ll see it in a handful of areas very quickly,” Pompeo said. “We’ll see it in their approach to Iran, where they continue to torment people who are homosexual. You’ll see it in places closer to home, like Venezuela and Cuba. Will they truly defend the rights of those people to practice their faith in the way they want?

“I was very clear about my expectations for every church to use their moral authority all across the world to make sure that their leaders and the people in their church were demanding that these government permit these simple people who to practice their faith,” he continued.

“It won’t take months. It will take weeks before we can see if they will prioritize the protections of Christians in northern Iraq, or Muslim leaders all across the world who simply want to do the one thing that every human’s entitled to, and that’s practice their own rights of conscience and practice their faith.”

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