Bottles of 18th Century Berries Found at Washington’s Home

Archaeologists with the $40 million Mansion Revitalization Project have unearthed 35 18th-century bottles containing cherries and berries hidden under the dirt of five storage pits in the cellar of President George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine this spectacular archaeological discovery,” Mount Vernon President and CEO Doug Bradburn said in a press release. “To our knowledge, this is an unprecedented find and nothing of this scale and significance has ever been excavated in North America.

“We now possess a bounty of artifacts and matter to analyze that may provide a powerful glimpse into the origins of our nation, and we are crossing our fingers that the cherry pits discovered will be viable for future germination. It’s so appropriate that these bottles have been unearthed shortly before the 250th anniversary of the United States.”

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